Ashrae standards
  1. Humidex of 40 or between 20˚C to 17˚C and below=Unsatisfactory or

  2. Temperature above 26˚C to 29˚C= Unsatisfactory and can result in closure of the premiss.


Procedures for the Use and Occupancy of Buildings

1. Environmental Conditions

  1. 1.1 To the extent practicable, the environmental conditions to be maintained in office buildings will conform to the requirements specified in the following documents:

  2. (a) ASHRAE standard 55-1981, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy; and

  3. (b) ASHRAE standard 62-1981, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.

  4. 1.2 In office accommodation, air (dry bulb) temperatures during working hours should be maintained within the 20ºC - 26ºC range, which is the ideal temperature operating range. Temperatures between 17ºC and 20ºC and above 26ºC can be uncomfortable, and occupancy should not exceed 3 hours daily or 120 hours annually in each of these extremes. Temperatures above 26ºC are deemed to be uncomfortable when the humidex reading at a given temperature equals 40 or less. Temperatures shall be measured at desk-top level in those spaces within work stations which would be occupied by employees while they are carrying out the major part of their normal duties.

  5.         (a) With regard to the uncomfortable range of temperatures, it is the responsibility of the Commissioner or the designated representative to take appropriate action to ensure that environmental conditions do not subject employees to undue stress or discomfort. Corrective measures which will be considered include, among others, increased frequency of rest periods and temporary relocation of employees to work stations outside the affected area.

  6.         (b) An unsatisfactory condition is deemed to exist when the humidex reading exceeds 40 or when the air temperature (dry bulb) falls below 17ºC. In these cases, operations shall be stopped and employees released from the workplace if relocation is not practicable. If instrumentation capable of accurately measuring humidex is not practically available within one hour of a complaint being made, a temperature of 29ºC or above shall be considered unsatisfactory.

1.3 Conditions will not be intentionally maintained within the marginal zones of 17oC to 20oC and 26oC to 29oC. Such conditions should result only from occurrences over which CCRA has no direct control, such as weather extremes or equipment failures.